Plastic Flower Pots


Click on the tabs below for reuse, recycling or safe disposal options.

Plastic flower pots #1-7 can be recycled with mixed containers, where curbside and drop-off recycling programs are available. Some garden centres may accept plastic flower trays for recycling.

Town of Cape St. George

The Town of Cape St. George provides a residential collection service for garbage as well as collection and recycling services for paper, cardboard and mixed containers. They also collect organic food waste and yard waste.

Location: Servicing the Town of Cape St. George
Phone: 709-644-2290

Stephenville Dominion Garden Centre (Seasonal)

Residents can return plastic flower pots and flats for recycling at any Dominion Garden Centre during the operational season.

Location: 62 Prince Rupert Street, Stephenville
Phone: 709.643.0850
Web: Flower Pot Recycling Program

Think About It

Reuse flower pots year after year.

Repurpose broken flower pots by placing broken pieces in the bottom of a planter before adding soil to help with drainage.