Plastic Flower Pots

Burin Peninsula

Click on the tabs below for reuse, recycling or safe disposal options.

Plastic flower pots #1-7 can be recycled with mixed containers, where curbside and drop-off recycling programs are available. Some garden centres may accept plastic flower trays for recycling.

Burin Peninsula Waste Management Corporation

Burin Peninsula Waste Management Corporation (BPWMC) provides collection and disposal services for garbage (including mixed containers and paper and cardboard), collection and recycling of scrap metal and bulk waste collection 12 times per year to residents.

Location: 98-103 Main Rd, Suite 228 Father Berney Memorial Salt Pond
Phone: 709-891-1717

Municipalities and Local Service Districts – Burin Peninsula

Municipalities and local service districts provide a range of waste collection and disposal services for residents and businesses.

Phone: Click here to find municipality and local service district contact information

Marystown Regional Waste Management Site

The Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board operates the Marystown landfill site which provides waste disposal services for residents and businesses in all communities south of Rushoon in the Burin Peninsula waste management region. This site accepts bulk waste, garbage, organics, scrap metal and yard waste.

Location: Servicing all communities on the Burin peninsula south of Rushoon
Phone: 709-891-1717

Think About It

Reuse flower pots year after year.

Repurpose broken flower pots by placing broken pieces in the bottom of a planter before adding soil to help with drainage.