Mixed Containers


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Mixed containers are accepted in curbside recycling programs in some communities in the western waste management region. Check your curbside recycling collection schedule for a complete list of accepted items. Where programs are not available, mixed containers can be disposed of with regular garbage.

Mixed containers typically include:

  • Plastic containers #1-7 such as food tubs and toiletry bottles.
  • Metal containers such as aluminum pie plates and tin cans.
  • Paper containers such as milk cartons and Tetra Pak containers.

Glass containers are NOT accepted in curbside recycling programs. Glass beverage containers can be recycled along with other beverage containers.

See Garbage for disposal options.

Town of Cape St. George

The Town of Cape St. George provides a residential collection service for garbage as well as collection and recycling services for paper, cardboard and mixed containers. They also collect organic food waste and yard waste.

Location: Servicing the Town of Cape St. George
Phone: 709-644-2290

Western Regional Waste Management

Western Regional Waste Management provides residential collection and disposal of garbage as well as collection and recycling services for mixed containers and paper and cardboard.

Location: Servicing most communities in the Western Regional Waste Management sub-regions.
Phone: 709-632-2922/ Toll-Free 1-844-437-2922
Email: info@wrwm.ca
Web: www.wrwm.ca/ www.sortitwestern.ca

Bay St. George Waste Disposal Site

Western Regional Waste Management operates the Bay St. George Waste Disposal Site which offers waste disposal services for bulk waste, garbage, yard waste and household hazardous waste (HHW), as well as recycling services for scrap metal.

Location: 14 Main Street, Bay St. George
Phone: (709) 632-2922 / 1-844-437-2922
Email: info@wrwm.ca
Web: www.wrwm.ca

Think About It

Make recycling convenient and easy by putting the appropriate bins in or near your kitchen.

Milk cartons can be recycled with mixed containers, where curbside recycling programs are available.