Refillable Beer Bottles


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Local beer brewers operate an independent deposit-refund system for refillable beer bottles such as industry standard Labatt, Molson and Quidi Vidi bottles. Refillable beer bottles are not part of MMSB’s Used Beverage Container Recycling Program.

You can return refillable beer bottles to most beer retailers or to a Brewers Bottle Depot to receive a refund. Imported beer bottles and beer cans should be recycled with your Beverage Containers.

Please make sure to return your beer bottles empty, clean, and dry.  By not leaving debris in beer bottles before returning them, we ensure the integrity of the bottles, facilitate effective cleaning and sanitization, protect the environment, and promote the long-term reusability of these containers.

Beer Retailers

Residents can return empty domestic beer bottles to most beer retailers, such as convenience stores, in the province. Check with your local retailer on their policies for accepting domestic beer bottles.

Carlson Stanley LTD

By Appointment Only

Location: 110 Glencoe Mt. Pearl, NL A1N 4S9
Phone: 709-368-2957

Ford Metcalfe Ltd.

Location: 7 Hops Street Conception Bay South, NL A1W 0E7
Phone: 709-834-2963

Hearn Distributing

Location: 8 Trout Place Mount Pearl, NL A1N 5G5
Phone: (709) 368-1679

Hunt’s Distribution

Location: 103 Davidson Ave, Bell Island, NL A0A 4H0
Phone: 709-488-3867

Walter Manning & Sons Ltd

Location: 64 Main Street St. Bride's, NL A0B 2Z0
Phone: 709-337-2450

Beer Retailers

Residents can return empty domestic beer bottles to most beer retailers in the province.

Phone: Contact your local beer retailer

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company accepts domestic beer bottles, such as Quidi Vidi, Labatt and Molson for reuse by their company.

Location: 30 Barrows Road, St. John's, NL
Phone: 709-738-4040

Think About It

Refillable beer bottles are collected, cleaned and reused by local brewers – reducing their environmental footprint.