Coffee Cups

Western Labrador

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Coffee cups are often made with a combination of different materials such as plastic, Styrofoam, wax and paper. They are not easily recycled and are not accepted in recycling programs. Coffee cups should be disposed of with your garbage.

You can recycle coffee cup lids with your Mixed Containers where curbside recycling programs are available. Don’t forget, coffee take-out trays can be recycled with Paper and Cardboard where curbside recycling programs are available or composted in a backyard compost bin.

Municipalities and Local Service Districts – Western Labrador

Municipalities and local service districts provide a range of waste collection and disposal services for residents and businesses.

Phone: Click here to find municipality and local service district contact information

Town of Labrador City

The Town of Labrador City residential collection services for garbage (including mixed containers), bulk waste (during annual Clean up Week) and scrap vehicles (fees apply, tires and fluids must be removed).

Location: Servicing the Town of Labrador City
Phone: 709-944-2621

Town of Wabush

The Town of Wabush provides residential collection services for garbage and bulk waste and recycling services for scrap vehicles (tires and fluids must be removed).

Location: Servicing the Town of Wabush
Phone: 709-282-5696

Labrador West Regional Landfill Site

The Towns of Labrador City and Wabush operate the Labrador West Regional Landfill which provides waste disposal services for residents and businesses in the western Labrador waste management region. This landfill has a public drop-off for garbage, bulk waste, scrap metal, household hazardous waste (HHW) such as oil, paint and batteries.

Location: 317 Hudson Drive, Labrador City, NL
Phone: 709-944-7172

Yellow Pages Listing – Garbage Collection Services

Additional waste disposal and recycling service providers may be available in your region.

Location: Services throughout the province
Web: View a listing of garbage collection service providers in the yellow pages.

Think About It

Canadians use more than 1.6 billion paper and polystyrene cups each year!

Use a reusable mug to keep disposable cups, lids and sleeves out of the landfill.