Beer Bottles

Local beer brewers operate an independent deposit-refund system for refillable beer bottles such as industry standard Labatt, Molson and Quidi Vidi bottles. Refillable beer bottles are not part of MMSB’s Used Beverage Container Recycling Program. Imported beer bottles and beer cans should be recycled with your Beverage Containers at the Green Depot. For return locations for refillable beer bottles, click the icon below and select your region.

Consumers receive a deposit back on refillable beer bottles when returned clear of any debris. Keeping refillable bottles clear of contaminants reduces instances that pose health and safety risks to consumers, store employees, distributors, and brewery workers.

By returning them free from contaminants, you also do your part for the environment! When you return a refillable beer bottle without debris such as bottle caps, it is sorted, sanitized, inspected, refilled, X-rayed, pasteurized, labelled, packaged, and put back on the shelf.

Did you know that if they are returned right, these bottles can be refilled up to 15 times before being recycled into new glass? It is the easiest and most effective way to help the environment, as it keeps them out of landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and significantly minimizes energy consumption. In fact, refillable bottles require 90 percent less energy throughout their life cycle compared to single-use containers that are recycled!

Here is how to Return it Right:

  • No caps or trash – Do not put bottle caps, or any other objects in empty beer bottles.
  • No broken/damaged bottles – broken glass is a serious risk to people handling bottles.
  • Tuck the box flaps – make sure to tuck in beer box flaps before you fill the box with empty beer bottles.

Let’s work together to keep our beer bottles out of landfills by keeping them clean of contaminants – let’s return them right!