Youth Resources

Across our province, youth play an important role in protecting our environment. Youth are the leaders of tomorrow – in business, community and government – and will lead the way to a greener future in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Summer Camp Program

We’ve packaged our camp resources so that municipalities and other groups can share the excitement of both the Enviro-Kids and Eco-Island programs with youth across Newfoundland and Labrador. Through nature walks, games, crafts and activities, our summer camp programs can help your campers gain an appreciation for the natural environment while learning how to protect the earth. Both camps have been based around five camp themes – The Natural World, Composting, Reducing and Reusing, Recycling and Earth’s Resources.


Audience: Ages 5-8

Summer camp activities designed to engage children aged 5-8 years in environmental learning in a fun and interactive way. Join the mission to discover the natural world and help protect our planet! In this fun-filled week, Enviro-Kids will embark on a journey of fun games and activities as they explore the 3Rs and composting. Camp participants will enjoy nature hikes, educational games, arts and crafts and discover the secret to organic magic!

Download the Enviro Kids Program – PDF


Audience: Ages 9-12

Summer camp activities designed to engage children aged 9-12 years in environmental learning in a fun and interactive way. The Eco-Island is a mysterious place that provides us with everything we need to live – food, water, shelter, but it also provides us with lots of things we want too. Campers will learn all about the natural environment by helping the elusive survivors of Eco-Island reduce, reuse, recycle and compost!

Download the Eco-Island Program – PDF

The activities for both programs can be used as part of the complete program or integrated into your own planned camp activities. You may use the activities from our five themes below to supplement existing programs.

The Natural World – PDF
Composting – PDF
Reduce and Reuse – PDF
Recycling – PDF
Earth’s Resources – PDF


Eco-Cubs provides leaders and Cubs with fun and creative ways to learn about waste reduction. Cub leaders can bring the environment to life at each Cub meeting and empower young minds to take action to reduce waste and practice positive environmental behaviours.  The program links to a number of Cub activity areas, helping Cubs to achieve various badges, stars and awards.

This digital resource provides Cub leaders with a complete, short-term plan that focuses on the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. The program incorporates four weekly themes through which Cubs learn what the Earth gives us and how we can give back to the Earth by practicing the 3Rs and composting.

  • Reduce & Reuse to the Rescue!
  • The Amazing Recycle Race!
  • Organic Magic
  • Earth’s Resources

The Eco-Cubs program also includes a half day program – The Natural World. Through nature walks, games, crafts and activities, Cubs gain an appreciation for the natural environment while learning how to play a role in protecting the earth.

Download the complete Eco-Cubs Program – PDF

The Eco-Cubs program was developed in partnership with the Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Scouts Canada. The program was developed in line with Scouting principles and program standards and incorporates many elements, practices and goals of the Cub program.