Community Outreach

E-Learning Opportunities 

Take our online interactive course, Composting Made Easy, to learn more about how to effectively make compost using a tumbler or bin in your backyard. Residents will receive a certificate within 5 business days upon successfully completing the course.

Schedule a workshop or webinar!

We offer both in-person presentations, when possible, and webinars to community groups and organizations.

Email or call toll free 1-800-901-6672 to arrange a workshop or webinar for your group.

See school outreach or business outreach for more presentation offerings.


Time: 30-45 minutes

Our Composting Made Easy workshop helps teach Newfoundlanders and Labradorians how to start backyard composting and maintain a healthy compost bin!


Time: 30-45 minutes

Learn about the world of vermicomposting. Through hands-on demonstrations, learn how decomposer organisms recycle organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, both in nature and in the vermicompost bin.