Business Resources

Businesses across Newfoundland and Labrador have an important role to play in creating a greener future for our environment.  By creating a more sustainable office, you can help reduce waste, improve your bottom line and increase employee morale.

Think about it

The average employee generates 1 tonne of loose garbage every year. That’s over 100 household garbage cans per person.

92% of college graduates want to work for environmentally responsible employers.

Get started at your workplace!

  • Greener Future Team – big changes can start with a champion or small team approach.
  • Environmental Policy Guide – show your organization’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Green Procurement Policy Guide – reduce your environmental impact through purchasing products and services that are environmentally sustainability.
  • Office Recycling Program Guide – help your organization set up centralized recycling stations to cut down on materials sent to the landfill.
  • Green Meetings Guide – ensure that all aspects – administration, location, food services – are taken into account in order to significantly reduce waste and environmental impact.
  • Waste-Free Lunch Guide – help your staff learn how to save lunch money, reduce waste and eat healthier too.
  • 3R Office Checklist – see how well your business is reducing waste, conserving energy and water and helping to protecting the environment.

Below, are a few more of our favourite resources.