Rethink Tires

Wondering what to do with those old, worn tires? We’ve got a quick “how to” guide on properly disposing of your used tires – check it out!

Used Tire Management Program

In 2002, Newfoundland & Labrador’s Waste Management Regulations banned the disposal of highway tires (rim size 24.5 inches or less) in landfills. The Used Tire Management Program provides residents a service to properly dispose used tires. Through the program, tires are collected and processed in an environmentally sound manner. Each year, MMSB’s Used Tire Management Program keeps upwards of 500,000 used tires out of local landfills. Properly disposing of tires will help extend the life of local waste management facilities, protect our landscapes and conserve natural resources.

Better Mileage For The Environment

The next time you’re changing your tires or cleaning out your garage, inspect your tires to see if they need to be replaced. Check for tread wear yourself or ask your garage about your tires’ condition. If they are no longer good for the road, there are tire retailers and collection locations throughout the province to make it easy to dispose of your tires the right way. Find a drop-off location near you.

What’s Acceptable?

Wondering what’s acceptable to return and what’s not? You can return your used tires from any of the following:

 Passenger and light truck tires

  Motorcycle tires

  Camper tires

  Trailer tires

  Transport, bus, semi-trailer & dump truck tires

Make sure your tires are in whole form, clear of any mud and debris and removed from rims before returning.

What’s Not Accepted?

The following tires are not accepted under the Used Tire Management Program:

  • ATV/Dirt bike tires
  • Farm/Industrial/Construction tires
  • Tires with rims
  • Tire fragments
  • Tires that are contaminated with mud and debris

Please contact your regional waste management authority for information on how to dispose of these tires.

Where’s The Next Stop?

Tire pick-up and transportation is managed by MMSB, with tires currently being shipped to an end market in Quebec. The tires are processed and used to help make cement, reducing reliance on coal and lowering fossil fuel emissions in the process.

Purchasing Highway Tires


In accordance with Newfoundland & Labrador’s Waste Management Regulations, a small one-time environmental fee is applied when purchasing any new highway tires in our province. When you buy a new vehicle, the fee is applied to all tires (including the spare) and incorporated into the vehicle’s cost. This fee ensures tires are managed in an environmentally responsible manner once they’ve outlived their use. When buying new tires at a retailer, you can leave your used tires with them.